Cheese route Lika-Senj County

Gourmet delights in the Lika-Senj County

Lika is a farming and livestock region ideal for growing healthy food, and it has become a tourist destination in recent times as well. The milk products of its country farms base their quality on both the region's long farming tradition and the natural feed their livestock graze on, full of the aromatic herbs that grow wild in the pastures of Lika and Velebit.

Taste the best of the Lika-Senj County

Lika-Senj County is a beautiful region bordered by the Plitvice Lakes, Northern Velebit, and Paklenica national parks, as well as Velebit Nature Park and a number of crystal clear rivers and lakes (the Gacka, the Lika, the Novčica, Kruščica lake, and Plitvice Lakes). The entire region is the ideal combination of what is referred to in the gourmet world as mare-monti (surf and turf).

Škripavac cheese, cottage cheese, and cow and sheep curd are the foundation of the traditional offerings of the region's dairies and small farms. It is a concept founded on a combination of traditional and modern influences in cuisine, and it has been a proven, much-loved success on the market. There are large and small dairies and a few dozen family farms that produce cheese and dairy products in Lika-Senj County.

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Cheese makers on Lika-senj county cheese route

1. Runolist Dairy

Otočac, Špilnički odvojak 5

Vladimir Tomaić, +385 (0)98 1862-905; +385 (0)53 771-177

Tomaić Commerce d.o.o. deals in purchasing and processing milk and producing cheeses and other milk products. In addition to this, it also deals in wholesale and retail sale through its own retail outlet, as well as through various supermarket chains throughout Croatia.

Cow and sheep cheese, gift packages 

2. Eko Gacka Dairy

Otočac, M. Krleže 21

+385 (0)98 768-220; +385 (0)53 772-581

Sirana Eko- Gacka bases its production on pristine nature, unpolluted land, clean pastures, and high-quality milk with which it produces all kinds of cheeses and milk products.

Lika-style škripavac, Lika-style semi-hard cheese, cow curd,lički ribanac, lička basa

3. Đurđica Lončar Family Farm

Otočac, Brlog 177

+385 (0)98 9725-462

This family farm produces cheeses that have won awards at numerous events: Autumn in Lika – gold medal; Zagreb Eco-Ethno '98 – gold medal for škripavac.

Škripavac, boiled and smoked cow cheese, basa, cheese in whey

4. Vesna Hajduković Family Farm

Otočac, Brlog 192

+385 (0)91 9082-156, +385 (0)53 798-123

Hajduković Family Farm is a small farm that raises milk cows and produces cheeses and other milk products to order, which it sells directly. This farm has also taken part in Autumn in Lika.

Škripavac, boiled cow cheese, smoked cow cheese, basa

5. Anić Dairy & Family Farm

Krasno, Anići 54, Nikolina Anić,

+385 (0)98 923-8665, +385 (0)53 851-002

For a number of years, Anić Family Farm has raised milk cows and produced milk products which they sell directly. In addition, the farm allows buyers to tour the farm and meet their animals. In 2015, the farm won third place at a competition for the best family farm.

Hard cheese, škripavac, and curd

6. Verica Fumić Family Farm

Brinje, Draženovići 36

+385 (0)98 921-4311 (Ana) or

+385 (0)99 222-0256 (Zlatko)

Fumić Family Farm produces and sells cheeses directly. Their cheeses are also sold at fair events.

Škripavac, hard and semi-hard cheese

7. Goran Fumić Family Farm

Brinje, Draženovići 34

+385 (0)98 681-459

Goran Fumić Family Farm produces škripavac cheese, which it sells directly.


8. Željko Kolenić Family Farm

Brinje, Lovačka 9

+385 (0)98 382-053, +385 (0)98 959-0367

Kolenić Željko

Kolenić Family Farm produces sheep cheese which it sells directly and at various fair events.

Sheep’s milk cheese

9. Nikolina Kostelac Family Farm

Brinje, Senjska 6

+385 (0)98 1745-897, +385 (0)53 700-199

Kostelac Family Farm raises milk cows and sells high-quality milk. They have taken part in some fair events such as Autumn in Lika.

10. Kolačević Family Farm

Donje Pazarište, Kalinovača 46

Nikola Kolačević

+385 (0)99 2704-987

Kolačević Family Farm is located in the village of Pazarište in Kalinovača.

Semi-hard cow cheese, cow škripavac, curd, basa, yoghurt.

11. Ana Milković Family Farm

Smiljan, Smiljan 184/1 53211

+385 (0)98 1335-442,

+385 (0)53 678-704

Milković Family Farm makes cheese products from cow milk in Smiljan. They sell their products directly and at the farmers' market in Gospić.

Škripavac, cream, and basa

12. Miškulin Family Farm

Smiljan, Smiljan 15/10

+385 (0)98 9922 0444, +385 (0)53 678-600

At the entrance to Smiljan, you will find Miškulin Family Farm, which sells its products directly.

Cottage cheese, škripavac, škripavac, basa, whey, curd, cheese with chili, etc.

13. Nikola Tomljenović Family Farm

Smiljan, Smiljan 8

+385 (0)53 678-611

Tomljenović Family Farm is located in Smiljan, and the hardworking Mrs Tomljenović sells her products at the farmers' market in Gospić.

Cow cheese

14. Matilda Bubaš  Family Farm

Gospić, Budak 121

+385 (0)53 672-554

OPG Matilde Bubaš Matilda Bubaš Family Farm produces cottage cheese, škripavac, and cream, which they sell at the farmers' market in Gospić.

15. Fajdić Family Farm

Gospić, Budak 123

+385 (0)98 566-268

For a number of years, Fajdić Family Farm has produced milk and cheese. The farm is specialised in the production of škripavac cheese and boiled cow cheese. Our high-quality production of these cheeses has won them numerous awards at various events featuring local products.

Škripavac and boiled cow cheese

16. Lisac Family Farm

Gospić , Mušaluk 66

+385 (0)53 689-026

Lisac Family Farm produces cheeses from cow milk at its farm, and it takes part in events like Autumn in Lika.

17. Čačić Family Farm

Gospić, Bužim 87

+385 (0)53 635-014

Čačić Family Farm produces cheeses at its estate in Bužim and sells them both directly and at the farmers' market in Gospić. They participate in Autumn in Lika.

Cow cheese – dried, škripavac, basa, and smoked

18. Nada Mažar Family Farm

Korenica, Rudanovac 119

+385 (0)98 1793-510

Mažar Family Farm makes products from cow milk, for which they have won 4 gold medals at fair events.

Boiled cow cheese, basa, škripavac, soured milk, and seasonal smoked cheese dimljeni sir

19. Končar Family Farm

Plitvice, Plitvički Ljeskovac 13

+385 (0)95 5087-854

Končar Family Farm produces cheese at its family estate in the village of Plitvički Ljeskovac.

Semi-hard and cottage cheese, basa

20. Kordić Family Farm

Lovinac, Cvituša 9

+385 (0)95 9086-591

Kordić Family Farm, Raspjevana Koza Farm

Goat cheese, semi-hard cheese in olive oil with pepper, thyme, etc., goat milk soap

21. Vegium Family Farm

Karlobag, Obala V. Nazora 7

+385 (0)99 255-5691

This farm has 10 milk cows, 11 horses for recreational riding and carriage rides, and 80 milk goats. Since 2016, they have produced fresh cow and goat milk, as well as soured milk, basa, curd, škripavac, semi-hard and hard cheeses, which they will soon begin to produce in their own mini-dairy.

22. Vidas Family Farm

Tina Ujevića 1, 53291 Novalja, otok Pag ;

+385 (0)91 525-4697| Krunoslav Vidas

The number II-94 is stamped on every wheel of cheese out of respect for the beginnings of the family tradition which they received from Emperor Franz Joseph to produce Pag cheese, which dates from 1887 and is still produced according to the original recipe.

Pag cheese, olive oil, Pag cheese in olive oil

23. Vidas-Puhalović Family Farm

Ulica braće Radić 38 b, 53291 Novalja, otok Pag, +385 (0)53 661-192

+385 (0)98 935-7748 | Tereza Vidas-Puhalović

Cheese enriched with nuts and/or dried fruit is made by traditionally curdling milk from local Pag sheep. After curdling, nuts and/or dried fruit are added to the curd, and when the appropriate thickness is obtained, the cheese is matured for up to three months.