Lika-Senj County, considering its unity and diversity, can be divided into four regions:

Where to eat

Restaurant ĆAMAR

53220 Otočac, Gornja Dubrava 22

tel.: +385 (0)53 771 558

When coming to Otočac, take the road towards Gospić and on the very exit from the city, take a first turn left and in Gornja Dubrava Street, at number 22, you will find a restaurant recommended by all lovers of lamb under the baking lid and other homemade meals of the regional cuisine. The gracious hostess Ana is the restaurant cook and she prepares meals that remind us of our grandmothers’ cooking. They are simple quality meals from the Gacka region such as stewed beans and cabbage, golden baked potatoes with lamb prepared under the baking lid (peka), grilled Gacka trout, grilled meat, pork, various stews or sauerkraut with homemade sausages (krvavice) potato halves (pole). The restaurant is open all year, every day from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Restaurant MIRNI KUTAK

53220 Otočac, Gornja Dubrava 63

tel.: +385 (0)53 771 589

Continue down Gornja Dubrava Street until you reach number 63 where you will find a family-catering establishment made up of a restaurant and a motel under the name Mirni kutak. Guests who drop by from Plitvice Lakes to Otočac visit it, as well as local cuisine connoisseurs, hunters, anglers, hungry travellers eager for Gacka specialties in the pleasant ambience of the restaurant and its large summer terrace. The meals from the menu sound fantastic but the ones the host, Mr. Frane Markovića recommends are even better. The meals the host and his wife serve are as good as the ones that you would serve at your home family meal. They are the following: veal knee-joint with potatoes, sarma (minced meat wrapped in sauerkraut leaves), braised sauerkraut with fried cubes of homemade bacon, stuffed Gacka trout, lungs, tripe, baby-beef stew, spit-roasted hare, venison čobanac, venison with gnocchi, duck or partridge during the hunting season and many other traditional meals from the Gacka region. Before all these mentioned specialties the homemade aperitif must be tasted - plum brandy (šljivovica) or cornelian cherry brandy which is here traditionally offered as a welcome or aperitif drink.

Restaurant MAJSIĆ

Čovići 108 b, tel.: +385 (0)53 761 009

On the road from Otočac to Plitvice there is a bend leading to Gospić. Once the airport is passed the following locality is Čovići. Restaurant Majsić is at the beginning of the road, on the right hand side. It offers B&B or full board in 1st category rooms. There are tennis courts for those who choose recreation. Upon entering the bistro your glance will stop at the unusual counter that is one step lower than the usual floor level. The restaurant on the upper floor is for large tourist groups on their way to Plitvice Lakes or the seashore. Plata Majsić or Majsić Tray and spit-roasted lamb are the usual offer of this restaurant.