Lika-Senj County, considering its unity and diversity, can be divided into four regions:

Where to eat


53274 Krasno Polje, tel.: +385 (0)53 851 205

KRASNO PARISH OFFICE – tel.: +385 (0)53 851 007

Krasno fields are dominated by a new hotel complex with restaurant built next to the shrine at sea-level height of 1000 m. The hotel disposes of 35 rooms (single, double and three-bed) with a total of 80 beds. The restaurant offers natural food and home specialties.

Restaurant KREŠIMIR

53270 Senj, Obala kralja Zvonimira 10

tel.: +385 (0)53 881 185; 881 906; 885 247

The “Pearl” of Senj city is what the restaurant is called. You can easily notice it by the yellow building right next to the bus stop. The terrace is roofed, pleasant and air-conditioned during the summer. It is an excellent place for wedding celebrations, various anniversaries or tourist group accommodation. The choice of seafood and fish is very rich as well as the meat specialties. The variety of tasty wines is manifold and will satisfy even the most squeamish.

Restaurant ZAGREB

53270 Senj, Pavlinska 1

tel.: +385 (0)53 882 533; faks: +385 (0)53 881 138

mob.: +385 (0)98 424 857

Restaurant Zagreb is located at 3 kilometers from Senj on the right of the road towards Rijeka. The terrace is enclosed with glass and offers a delightful and sunny view of the sea. The tasty specialties consist of carefully prepared fresh fish and a variety of meat meals served by pleasant and polite personnel. During the summer the terrace offers cool refreshment.

Restaurant VAL

53270 Senj, I. Senjanina 25

tel.: +385 (0)53 881 960, mob.: +385 (0)53 882 099

Restaurant Val is at a distance of 3 km from Senj. At first glance it reminds of Greek ambience. The house is of white color with heavenly blue colored doors and windows. The terrace is vine-clad and looks upon the sea. The menu has been carefully chosen, the prices of fresh fish are moderate and the obliging host is willing to offer accommodation when needed. The restaurant is open all year and is especially attractive during the hunting season in October and November when the menu offers venison specialties.

Restaurant MARTINA

53270 Senj, Filipa Vukasovića 23

tel.: +385 (0)53 881 638, mob.: +385 (0)98 796 8927

Restaurant MARTINA is situated on the Rijeka-Split highway, not far from Senj, on the seashore. It is a family restaurant with a long tradition. Open all year it entertains bigger groups on business meals or tourist excursions. There is a possibility for full board in its double rooms with bathroom. All lovers of good fish and meat are welcome, as well as vegetarians for whom special meals can be prepared.


53270 Senj, Uskočka 12, tel.: +385 (0)53 885 242

Stari grad Tavern is situated in a lovely ambience of old Senj. It is open all year and is visited by all tourists or chance travellers as well as those who decide to take a break in order to visit the historical sights of the city. The menu offers a variety of food from Italian pasta and pizza to grilled meat, fish and venison.


53270 Senj, P. Preradovića 2

tel.: +385 (0)53 881 738; 884 266

mob.: +385 (0)98 712 531

A 16th century garden in the centre of the city has been changed into a restaurant that offers homemade food in a century-old ambience. You can choose whether to eat in the tavern cellar where an ancient bed has been changed into a table or in the covered garden terrace. Both places offer exquisitely prepared food. In the restaurant you can try the famous Senj scallop or grilled fish and meat, various types of soup, pasta and risotto.

Restaurant LEUT

53270 Senj, Petra Preradovića 6

tel.: +385 (0)53 881 972

If you ask someone in Senj for restaurant Leut you will be directed to the main Petar Preradović Square and you will recognize right away the terrace with wooden benches, surrounded by flowers. The restaurant is open all year and the offer is classical meals that consist of well-grilled fish and meat.


Restaurant KOŠARE

53270 Senj, Frankopanski trg 3

tel.: +385 (0)53 884 041

If you feel hunger when entering Senj from Rijeka direction you will surely park by the main road and visit the shaded terrace of restaurant Košare. You will not be disappointed for the fish or meat meal you choose will be well prepared under the baking lid or grilled. Those who ask for fast food can choose among the variety of pizzas from the baker’s oven, pasta and risotto made from seafood or only refresh with an ice cream or a cup of coffee.



Senj, tel.: +385 (0)53 885 277; 885 244

Tvrđava Nehaj (Fortress Nehaj) built in 1558 is the symbol of the city of Senj and its rich past. Today it dominates over the city and is a guideline for the inquisitive as well as monument lovers. The interior of the fortress emits life thanks to the restaurant that is situated on the ground floor. In this genuine ambience you can have a meal “in the company of” Archduke Ferdinand, Captain Ivan Lenković and Herbert Turjaški from Senj. The tasty fish, scampi and other seafood can be eaten by the fireplace and the 11th century well. The fortress is open to visitors from April to October. The restaurant is open from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.

LOVRO Tavern

53270 Senj, Bunjevačka 6

tel.: +385 (0)53 882 275; mob.: +385 (0)91 503 2084

You have heard of the expression “a place where you eat well”. If you come to Lovre Tavern, above the petrol station at Senj city entrance you can confirm this statement. The host, Ivan Šojat, will serve you as a real host should and he will offer in the spit-roasted lamb, the specialty of the house. Available also are abundant meals of grilled meat and fish. The tavern is open all year and orders for bigger groups can be placed in advance.

Bistro RIVA

53284 Sveti Juraj, Selo br. 2

tel.: +385 (0)53 883 159; faks: +385 (0)53 883 006

As the name says, the restaurant is located on the waterfront (riva meaning waterfront in Croatian), right next to the sea. It is open all year and the specialties offered are fresh grilled fish, trays with seafood, scampi and shellfish. It is also possible to place meat orders.

MUL Tavern

53284 Sveti Juraj, Nade Babić 2

tel.: +385 (0)53 883 007

At the entrance to Sveti Juraj there is a house right on the waterfront with a fantastic view towards the sea which you can enjoy while eating on the ground floor tavern terrace or in one of the apartments available. The tavern is open all year and among other things the menu offers freshly caught seafood that is appreciated by lovers of good fish. After your meal you can take a swim or suntan from the pier and continue on your way. If you like the spot at first glance you can rent a room or apartment. All renting and booking service is done by the tourist agency Riva, located in the same house as the restaurant.

KIKO Tavern

53284 Sveti Juraj, Nade Babić

tel.: +385 (0)53 883 292

If you continue walking down Nade Babić Street, behind the house where restaurant Mul is located, you will come by a lovely small terrace by the sea, Kiko Tavern. In summer it is a very refreshing spot. Even though the tavern is open all year the summer ambience by the sea is the best one can find. Simple meals are served: grilled meat or fish, excellent pasta or risotto made with seafood. In the winter months the tavern is mainly a coffee shop that offers several types of pizzas.

Restaurant HACIENDA

53284 Sveti Juraj, Rača

tel.: +385 (0)53 883 069

Restaurant Hacienda is located at fifty meters from Camp Rača, on the Adriatic highway towards Karlobag. It is known to all travellers on their way to the coast. Because of its excellent cuisine and pleasant ambience many B&B guests from the nearby villages drop by for a meal and drink. It is possible to rent a room for there are 6 double rooms available. The restaurant is open all year offering an exquisite and constant service deserving the highest praise.

TOMIĆ Tavern

Podgorje, Ažić-Lokva

tel.: +385 (0)53 615 623

Traveling down the highway from Senj towards Zadar and following the coast you reach TOMIĆ Tavern in the locality of Adžić-Lokva. Once it was known as Vila Velebita. Even though it has changed owner this tavern has remained known to many travellers as a place where one can stop at any time from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and restore one’s strength after a long journey by being able to have something tasty and warm at any time of the year. The food is standard: à la carte, grilled meat and fish, fast service and abundant portions in a restaurant with a view towards the sea.


53270 Vratnik, mob.: +385 (0)98 245 069

Putnik Tavern is located on the road towards Zagreb, at 14 km from Senj, right by Vratnik saddle. The smell of recently spit-roasted lamb will surely make you decide to stop for a meal. The tavern is open all year from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. During high season it remains open even longer. Besides serving lamb the menu consists of ready-cooked food, stewed beans and sauerkraut with smoked meat that is the traditional winter food of the region.


53270 Senjska Draga, Sv. Križ, tel.: +385 (0)53 764 090

Stric Luka Tavern is located at halfway to the city Senjska Draga when one is driving from Zagreb to Senj and descending the road bend Vratnik (694 m). It has been standing on this spot for 70 years. Such a long period of family catering is an assurance that the food prepared here is simple and genuinely homemade food. Here you can always be sure that the polite host will serve homemade sauerkraut and sausages, suckling, grilled meat or other à la carte food that is surely of good quality.

Coffee shop ADRIATIC

Karlobag, Ivana Vrbana 10

tel.: +385 (0)53 694 250

Located in the old part of the town, in a street that leads to the main square coffee shop, Adriatic is recognizable by its grilled fresh fish and meat that is of good quality, various types of pizzas at very popular prices. The polite staff will serve guests on the terrace surrounded by flowers and greenery overlooking the sea.

Restaurant FLORIDA

Karlobag, Ribarica 172,

tel.: +385 (0)53 886 183

The restaurant is at 6 km from Karlobag, on the road towards Senj. The establishment is still in construction so do not be deceived by the exterior because inside there is a well-decorated restaurant with a variety offer of grilled fish or meat. If you are tired from your journey and decide to remain longer ask for accommodation in one of the apartments.


53288 Karlobag, A. Šenoe b. b.

tel.: +385 (0)53 694 379

This tavern is one of its kind in the Karlobag region. The hostess of the restaurant takes credit for your not noticing the old parking lot in front of the tavern and the macadam road that leads to it for she will politely offer and serve genuine meals bearing strange and fancy names: Croque Monsieur, Croque Madame, Croque Hawaii... and if you are not sure of the meaning of these words come to Amfora Tavern, sit on the terrace and see for yourself. If you are attracted by the beauty of the view you can ask for accommodation in one of the 7 rooms and 2 apartments.