Lika-Senj County, considering its unity and diversity, can be divided into four regions:

Where to eat

Hotel ANA

53000 Gospić, Zagrebačka 18, tel.: +385 (0)53 560 358

Hotel Ana was opened in March 2003 and in a short period guests and travellers on business or vacation trips in search of a bed and good meal have noticed it. The restaurant is part of the hotel and can accommodate a large number of people.

Restaurant MOST

53000 Gospić, Budačka b. b.

tel.: +385 (0)53 575 512, mob.: +385 (0)91 518 3513

The restaurant lies 4 km from Gospić center on the road to Otočac, on an interesting spot by the bridge across the Lika River. Surrounded by a pleasant ambience, with seating on wooden benches on the summer terrace or in the interior of the restaurant during the winter you can taste food prepared under the baking lid - veal, veal knee-joint, or spit-roasted meat such as pork or lamb.

Restaurant MACOLA

53230 Korenica, J. Jovića b. b.

tel.: +385 (0)53 776 170

Restaurant MACOLA is situated in the proximity of Plitvice Lakes, in the town of Korenica, at 165 km from Zagreb on the road towards the seacoast. The restaurant is a regular stop for bus drivers on their bus trips or tourist excursions. It can accommodate a great number of guests stopping for a break. There are two rooms in the restaurant, a self-service for 300 people: guests are offered a great number of dishes, à la carte dishes, homemade bread and cakes.


53000 Gospić, Smiljanska 24

tel.: +385 (0)53 573 692, mob.: +385 (0)98 245 634

The restaurant has been open since the year 1978. It received its name from the horse of the owner, Ivan Jovanović, who used to work as a lumberjack. Memories of his previous job have been preserved on the walls of the restaurant as they bear a drawing of the faithful animal on them. Zlatna potkova (Golden horseshoe) is open all year and every day at noon it offers warm spit-roasted lamb from the Lika region. One can choose any other grilled meat meal or the winter specialty from Lika which is sauerkraut and meat. For those who wish to choose a lighter meal the house recommends trout from the river Gacka or Dalmatian squid.

Restaurant POLJANA

NP Plitvica lakes

Poljana restaurant is located at Velika Poljana on the road leading from Entrance 2 toward the lakes. The restaurant has a bar, a self-service section with a seating capacity of 120, and a national cuisine restaurant with an open fireplace of a capacity of 100 seats. Its terrace offers a fantastic view of the Upper lakes and the abundant flora and fauna surrounding them. The self-service and bar are a pleasant refreshment stop. The restaurant offers traditional Croatian cuisine.

Restaurant MAKI

53000 Gospić, Budačka 200

tel.: +385 (0)53 575 510 /

Built on the foundations of a family tradition restaurant Maki has been, for more than three decades, one of the leading establishments of Lika region catering and gastronomy.
The peasants' dinner from Lika has been a synonym for preparing food like one does "at home" which today is sought for and highly appreciated 
way of preparing food. Restaurants similar to this one are now promoting indigenous cuisine, which has been forgotten but is now living its revival. It has placed it in the menus of all restaurants. The indigenous specialties are - lamb, ham and cheese from Lika, čvarci (fried pieces of pork fat), kulen (krvavice, a type of homemade sausage using pork meat and corn flour), basa (soft cheese), homemade marmalade and plum jam. The šljivovica, special homemade plum brandy, blueberry brandy and Velebit beer must be mentioned - all this comes with a friendly smile that will keep everyone coming back for more.

Restaurant BORJE

53230 Korenica, Vranovača b. b.

tel.: +385 (0)53 751 777; 751 788

Restaurant Borje is situated at the Plitvice Lakes National Park exit. It is an inevitable stop for all Zagreb - Plitvice road travelers passing by bus or car on their way to the sea. It has become a custom to stop here for a cup of coffee or an apple or cheese strudel with sour milk, depending on the time of day, for the restaurant also offers ready-made meals - self-service or à la carte. Boiled lamb with vegetables, beans and sausages, sauerkraut with homemade sausages krvavica or curried meats, even sarma (minced meat wrapped in sauerkraut leaves) and stuffed peppers, depending on the time of year - the above are traditional Lika meals that are on offer every day. A small grocery shop for supplies during your trip is next to the restaurant.